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International financial services provider Rabobank and Expert System, an AI company, have announced they have partnered to leverage the power of Cognita, Expert System's flagship platform for cognitive artificial intelligence, the company said.
When contacted Project Manager, Malik Jahan Khan told reporter on Thursday that 'Mera Maweshi' is an expert system that can diagnose common diseases of livestock which increases dairy production and livestock life.
"As regulatory requirements increase," said Bryan Bell, EVP Corporate Development, Expert System "institutions are expected to capture and verify a wider scope of information on their new and existing customers, their customers customers and any relationships that exist across business lines.
One of the solutions used for this purpose is expert system, a system that uses human knowledge stored in a computer to solve a problem that requires human expertise [2].
This involves the very core ofthe AI technology expert system and natural language understanding (Yamashita, K., Nagao, T., Kogure, S., Noguchi, Y., Konishi, T., & Itoh, Y., 2016).
Developing neutrosophic expert system is shown in Figure 4:
"An expert system is an informatic system intelligent enough to deduct logic conclusions in an actual domain and to ensure solving specific tasks' (4).
Expert System reports it has created a way for accessing information, based on sophisticated cognitive algorithms of artificial intelligence.
28 May 2015 - US-based IT company Expert System (EXSY.MI) has signed a binding agreement to acquire French text analytics expert TEMIS, the company said on Thursday.
Cogito API is a text analytics API based on Cogito, the patented and award-winning technology developed by Expert System, the leading semantic intelligence company.
The model proposed in this study to develop a "macro strategy" using the "expert system" is designed according to two concepts of the "organization cycle of life" and " industry cycle of life ".
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