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Payments made in cash or cash equivalents. Common examples of outlays include employee salaries and coupon payments on bonds. Revenue outlays are those made currently or those that will be made within a year, while capital outlays are those made for periods longer than one year. Outlays are recorded as liabilities on a balance sheet and are also called expenditures.
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spending by buyers on PRODUCTS or ASSETS. Expenditure on a particular product or asset is equal to product or asset price times quantity bought, that is, TOTAL REVENUE.

In aggregate terms, expenditure by households, businesses and government (see CONSUMPTION, INVESTMENT, GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE) constitutes the AGGREGATE DEMAND, which (in conjunction with AGGREGATE SUPPLY) determines the level of activity in the economy.

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For purpose of budget preparation, revised budget estimates comprise of 8 months actual expenditure plus 4 months anticipated expenditures.
In comparison, during the fiscal year 2017-18, the total expenditure of the CM Secretariat stood at Rs490 million.
While his total expenses during the period were Rs22,714,083 under the head of household expenditures, Rs337,813,676 for purchase of house/plot/land.
Development expenditures of Narcotics Control Division 251,207,000, Development
Similarly, the house also approved Rs62,026,495,000 for, Development expenditure of Water Resources Division while for capital outlay on development of Atomic Energy it approved Rs28,639,890,000, Capital outlay on Petroleum Division Rs943,175,000,Capital outlay on federal investment Rs1,560,938,000, development loans and advances by the federal government Rs156,314,643,000, External development loans and advances by the federal government Rs133,358,135,000, Capital outlay on works of Foreign Affairs Division Rs199,774,000, Capital outlay on civil works Rs5,940,464,000, Capital outlay on Industrial DevelopmentRs1,775,205,000, Capital outlay on Maritime Affairs Davison Rs10,118,683,000,Capital outlay on Pakistan Railways Rs34,411,473,000.
Wages came second, accounting for 25.5% of total expenditures. Expenditures in this area reached EGP 76.7bn, compared to EGP 70.5bn during the period from July to October 2016.
(2011) aimed to examine the association of health and social services expenditures in OECD countries with population-level health outcomes, i.e.
II) EXPENDITURE (a + b)###4,451,277###4,478,535###4,894,879
Environmental expenditures include two components: investments in assets for environmental protection and expenditures on maintenance of assets for environmental protection.
Tax expenditures will be tightly controlled in order to finance the Three-Year Plan for Economic Innovation and the Park administration's campaign pledges.
Fourteen states include real property tax expenditures in their tax expenditure reports.
For females, overweight-associated annual expenditures became significantly higher than normal-weight peers at age 22 ($8S), peaked at age 66 ($671), and remained significantly higher until age 77 ($623).