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Payments made in cash or cash equivalents. Common examples of outlays include employee salaries and coupon payments on bonds. Revenue outlays are those made currently or those that will be made within a year, while capital outlays are those made for periods longer than one year. Outlays are recorded as liabilities on a balance sheet and are also called expenditures.


spending by buyers on PRODUCTS or ASSETS. Expenditure on a particular product or asset is equal to product or asset price times quantity bought, that is, TOTAL REVENUE.

In aggregate terms, expenditure by households, businesses and government (see CONSUMPTION, INVESTMENT, GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE) constitutes the AGGREGATE DEMAND, which (in conjunction with AGGREGATE SUPPLY) determines the level of activity in the economy.

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The IRS disallowed the deduction claiming it represented a capital expenditure.
The new rules would ban independent expenditures by corporations and unions and compel more disclosures of expenditures.
These expenditures affect taxpayers in nearly every industry.
VPS will allow Congress to budget Medicare Part B expenditures effectively with minimal new administrative costs and will establish limits on the expenditure growth rate.
Contrary to the usual assumption that expenditures increase with age, expenditures on children are estimated to be highest in infancy and in the mid-teen years, and lowest at early preschool ages.
This is the largest use of funds for personal expenditures and the amount of money used to repay questionable loans and undocumented expenditures.
That meant the expenditures were not made by a single business to defend its decisions.
Under the facts in Plainfield-Union, the Tax Court concluded that the expenditures did not increase the value of the property.
National health expenditures in calendar 1987 reached $500 billion and continued to consume an increasing share of the gross national product.
The survey, which is conducted by the Bureau of the Census for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consists of two components: (1) A Diary, or recordkeeping, survey completed by participating consumer units for two consecutive 1-week periods; and (2) an Interview survey in which the expenditures of consumer units are obtained in five consecutive quarterly interviews.
Non-acquisition capital expenditures for the quarter were preliminarily estimated to be $6.
Similarly, an amount of Rs619,343,000 has been approved for Press Information Department, Rs806,631,000 for Information Services Abroad, Rs5,649,741,000 for other expenditure of Information and Broadcasting, Division, Rs100,8963,000 for National History and Literary Heritage Division, Rs3,701,412,000 for Information Technology and Telecommunication Division, Rs1,785,197,000 for Inter Provincial Coordination Division, Rs346,282,000 for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division, Rs28,872,000 for other expenditures of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division while an amount of Rs238,871,000 has been approved for Gilgit Baltistan.