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Payments made in cash or cash equivalents. Common examples of outlays include employee salaries and coupon payments on bonds. Revenue outlays are those made currently or those that will be made within a year, while capital outlays are those made for periods longer than one year. Outlays are recorded as liabilities on a balance sheet and are also called expenditures.


spending by buyers on PRODUCTS or ASSETS. Expenditure on a particular product or asset is equal to product or asset price times quantity bought, that is, TOTAL REVENUE.

In aggregate terms, expenditure by households, businesses and government (see CONSUMPTION, INVESTMENT, GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE) constitutes the AGGREGATE DEMAND, which (in conjunction with AGGREGATE SUPPLY) determines the level of activity in the economy.

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The comments supplement a position paper that TEI filed with the IRS on March 20, 1996, in response to Notice 96-7, as well as a letter that was sent to Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin on November 6, 1996, concerning the treatment of asbestos remediation expenditures.
The detrimental effect on access and convenience will lead to opposition to any effort to incorporate expenditure limits in worker's health care programs.
The overall expenditure during FY14 has been estimated at Rs 3,985 billion, out of###The share of current expenditure in total budgetary outlay for FY14 is 80.
Consequently, the court in Plainfield-Union rejected that view and held that the proper comparison is to the value of the property "prior to the condition necessitating the expenditure," i.
Since the start of the ongoing Consumer Expenditure Survey in 1980, such comparisons have become a regular part of the CE program.
to create a customer base through advertising or other expenditures that create customer goodwill) will not be required to capitalize these costs.
It also approved expenditure of over Rs 6 billion for educational services and over Rs 390 million for social protection.
31, 2005, is based on such inputs as the average cost of military equipment, total program expenditures, and the useful life of the equipment.
Overall, annual expenditures averaged $18,640 per patient.
Thus, the expenditure was incurred because the trust existed.
This credit enables developers to recoup up to 20% of their construction expenditures as tax credits at the front end, when the building is placed in service, rather than as depreciation deductions over the life of the building.