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A person who administers the estate of a deceased person. The executor (if male) or executrix (if female) is responsible for gathering all of the decedent's assets and giving them to the appropriate beneficiaries. He/she is often a family member or lawyer who is either appointed in the decedent's will or by a court. The executor/executrix has a fiduciary responsibility to act on behalf of the decedent and to fulfill, as closely as possible, the wishes set forth in the will. Persons under 18 and convicted felons cannot serve as executors.


An older term meaning a female executor.

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Finding him deceased, he pursued Beeston's widow and executrix instead, prosecuting a successful suit against her in the Court of Common Pleas and forcing her "to defend such goods as she had and to obscure her selfe.
When the will was proved in London on September 10, Cassandra swore as Executrix "to the Truth and faithful Performance thereof and that the whole of the Deceaseds Personal Estate and Effects does not amount in value to the Sum of Eight hundred Pounds.
Of course, the executor must make distribution promptly, unlike the tardy executrix who one court felt unreasonably and intentionally withheld distribution of the funds to her sisters, under the will of their mother, and was charged with interest at the legal rate during the period of the delay.
She tracked down the woman, Irene Herrmann, who is on the faculty at the University of California, Santa Cruz and who is executrix of Bowles' musical estate.
They will be glad to greet the appearance of Paul Bowles on Music, edited by Timothy Mangan (critic for the Orange County Register) and Irene Herrmann (lecturer in music at the University of California, Santa Cruz and executrix of the Bowles estate).
32) Benjamin Banning died at Bath, Somerset, on 14 August 1899 at the venerable age of 93 leaving the bulk of his 11,000 [pounds sterling] estate to his daughter and sole executrix Helen Lacy Banning.
Executrix, Jessie Campbell, of Warwick Travel, said: "We certainly hope to get something over a million pounds for it.
1970) (testimony of one of automobile passengers, who was suing executrix of deceased, alleged driver of automobile at time of accident, that deceased took over the wheel at last stop before accident was not a "transaction" within meaning of dead man's statute).
Karl Weiss, executrix of the Kurt Weill Estate, through the critic Henry Popkin, who had reviewed me many times at the Guthrie.
It is alleged she falsely represented she was the executrix of the deceased, her father-in-law,James Thomas Carson, falsely represented his wife was in hospital, stated near relatives had been informed of the proposed cremation and that they did not object to it.