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A person who administers the estate of a deceased person. The executor (if male) or executrix (if female) is responsible for gathering all of the decedent's assets and giving them to the appropriate beneficiaries. He/she is often a family member or lawyer who is either appointed in the decedent's will or by a court. The executor/executrix has a fiduciary responsibility to act on behalf of the decedent and to fulfill, as closely as possible, the wishes set forth in the will. Persons under 18 and convicted felons cannot serve as executors.


An older term meaning a female executor.

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whereas I stand possessed of flower of the Six shares in the Company for the King and Queenes service, at the Cockpitt in drury lane I declare, that twoe of my said flower shares bee deliuered vp, for the advancement of the said Companie, and the other twoe I be] to remaine vnto my said Executrix.
Although the ages in the census records give a date of birth between 1812 and 1817, which seems inconsistent with arrival in England in 1815, this person must have been Alexander Hare's daughter because the will was proved by Rosalind, then still the wife of Francis Boshear Norris, as sole executrix (National Probate Calendar: Index of Wills and Administrations, 1887:133, obtained via Ancestry).
For the Holy Scripture and nature derive equally from the Godhead, the former as the dictation of the Holy Spirit and the latter as the most obedient executrix of God's orders .
After the recipient's death, Jeanne Shierts, both individually, and as Executrix of the decedent's estate brought suit against NYODN, for the negligent treatment of her daughter which resulted in her death.
If, on the other hand, you consider that a meaningless coincidence, and probably the furthest thing from Pynchon's mind when he decided to make Oedipa Maas an executrix, then you'll probably throw the book at the wall before finishing it.
Rachleff's wife, who is executrix of Edwin's estate, and a law firm that served as general counsel to the CU.
The reason my brothers are on my mind, and therefore a legitimate subject matter of my own self-study, is that my mother died and she appointed me to be the executrix of her (meager) estate; they turn to me now.
41) His will named Beulah as the executrix of his estate (42) (the Crane Estate) and devised the residuary estate to her, including an apartment building located at 395 Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn, New York (the Brooklyn Apartment Building).
The executrix of Feres's estate argued that the military was negligent in housing 1LT Feres in unsafe barracks that was serviced by a defective heating plant.
The original letter has long since been lost--I had only anecdotal evidence of its existence when I wrote Dawn Powell: A Biography in the late 1990s--but a photocopy turned up after the death of Powell's original executrix, Jacqueline Miller Rice, in 2003.
I had to decide what to do since I was the executrix of his estate.
In his will, Brandon named his wife the executrix, and in October 2006 the estate informed the IRS of Brandong death.