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The act of filling an order to buy or sell a security. That is, when a broker executes an order, he/she actually makes a trade on behalf of the client. The date of execution is known as the trade date.


To complete, as by signing a contract or signing and delivering a deed.

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Here are a few select fundamentals to help physicians work more effectively with executive agencies.
Too many executive incentive plans depend on the same few common measures of corporate success such as earnings per share (EPS) or earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA).
Nunzio Del Greco, RCE, Chief Executive Officer, Christina Taylor, Laujel Realty Corp.; Elias Karmon, EMK Enterprises, Inc.; and Sandra Silverman, Banquet Chairperson.
Columbia says net program benefits represent the results of one business challenge the company deals with successfully using knowledge the executive gained while attending the program while program costs are one-twelfth of the attendee's salary, plus travel expenses and program fees.
Since the CDP is designed to prepare individuals for leadership positions and to improve their competitiveness for Senior Executive Service positions, the SES Executive Core Qualifications are an integral part of this program:
Some companies send only their high-potential managers for executive education, but some companies offer a more decentralized process, and would consider sending employees who ask for it.
"If you have executives around the globe, say, in the Americas, in Europe and in Asia, you have to deal with different values and vantage points all the time," Mattes explained.
Alonso Gomez says EGADE's executive education programs include the development of skills related to innovation.
Paul Klaassen: Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Sunrise Senior Living, McLean, Va.
It is a highly attractive benefit for these valued employees in that it can offer much higher death benefits than group term plans, belongs to the employee, is portable, and can provide another way for executives to accumulate money tax-deferred if they have maxed out on their companies' 401(k) plans.
The hardest part of creating and maintaining a good employee publication is walking the line between your two audiences: executives and managers, and rank-and-file employees.
Dorsey is the president and chief executive officer of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation that promotes community revitalization in Atlanta's neighborhoods.