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The act of filling an order to buy or sell a security. That is, when a broker executes an order, he/she actually makes a trade on behalf of the client. The date of execution is known as the trade date.
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To complete, as by signing a contract or signing and delivering a deed.

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Better known as the Middleton Hangman, Allen followed in the footsteps of Albert Pierrepoint, who is arguably Britain's most famous executioner.
In school when asked to write about what job he would like when he was older, Pierrepoint would say "I want to be a public executioner like my dad is, because it needs a steady man with good hands like my dad and my Uncle Tom and I shall be the same."
William Wallace Galbraith Age: 27 Sex: Male Crime: Murder Date of execution: December 20, 1912 Execution place: Wakefield Executioner: Thomas Pierrepoint Galbraith murdered his wife, Mary May Galbraith, 20, cutting her throat at 39 North Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough, on August 14, 1912.
One time our executioner jumped off the stage and with penis in hand he assaulted someone in the audience that accused him of breaking their hand.
The young executioner then calmly places his victim's severed head on his dead body, while staring menacingly into the camera.
Her father is the blacksmith, but more importantly he is the King's executioner. Moss's job is basket girl; she catches the decapitated heads her father lops off, as well as fills in as extra kitchen help, taking prisoners their daily meals.
Nicolas Henin said the Islamic State executioner - unmasked as Briton Mohammed Emwazi - also likes Game of Thrones.
Moss hates living in the Tower of London, daughter to the Executioner, and escapes through a secret tunnel she discovers, to explore the outside world.
Amir Pourmand of the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) won the prize for this photo entitled: "Moments before the hanging." The photo shows Ali-Reza Mafiha, 23, laying his head on the shoulder of one of his executioners while Mohammad-Ali Sarvari, 20, stands beside another executioner.
Al-Talibi is the sole executioner in Sana'a, Yemen's capital.