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The act of filling an order to buy or sell a security. That is, when a broker executes an order, he/she actually makes a trade on behalf of the client. The date of execution is known as the trade date.


To complete, as by signing a contract or signing and delivering a deed.

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The QB fakes to the Sprinter and running back, then executes his play action and sets up seven yards behind the landmark side tackle.
I am really looking forward to working with companies to create and execute strategies that lead to market leadership and high-value transactions.
Using A|RT Designer's analysis and optimization capabilities the design was reduced to 7,100 ASIC gates and required only 425 clock cycles to execute.
As a result, Murphy and his team of fighter pilot facilitators will execute an intensive, interactive combat mission scenario, The Afterburner Day-1, which all of IBM's E-Victory Tour teams will complete in the next week.
GAIN traders continuously publish real time prices via GAIN's secure, Java-enabled dealing software, and clients can at any time hit the bid or lift the offer and instantaneously execute a trade.
PCI has been a request from the customer base, and we will be the first to supply it for processors that can execute the ARM(R) Instruction Set.
Increasing on-chip memory enables the SX52BD to execute more complex applications, and also provides storage capacity for the program code needed to run multiple Virtual Peripherals.
NASDAQ: NCTI) today announced the acquisition of Advancel Logic Corp (ALC), a Silicon Valley-based developer of chips that execute Sun Microsystems' Java(tm) code.
In addition, the new TOP Of MIND OpenView daemon periodically checks the events and alerts from OpenView; creates, updates and deletes tickets in TOP Of MIND; and executes actions (such as e-mailing or paging a network administrator) based on the received alerts automatically.
Celeste Berouty, President Execute Sports commented, "The reception we received at this year's show was special.
Robert Lowery, co-founder and product placement coordinator of Iconic Productions commented, "The choice to use Execute products in all of our shows is because they are the newest and hottest brand in the wake and ski industry.
These application specific instructions fully exploit all the core's resources in parallel and can execute as many as twelve operations in a single clock cycle.