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4%) individuals excreted during the five-minute period after release from the vial, and 14 failed to excrete at this time.
What to do: If you've had a kidney stone made of calcium oxalate and you excrete excess calcium, limit your protein from meat, seafood, poultry, and milk, cheese, and other dairy products to about 50 grams a day.
Freshwater Fish: Pump in sodium ions; excrete urine with a high salt concentration.
Pharmaceuticals taint waterways because people excrete many of the drugs they take but treatment plants don't extract all the chemicals (SN: 4/1/00, p.
No one knows if the sodium pulls calcium out of your bones or compels your kidneys to excrete it.
The flies seem to readily excrete the metal once they reach maturity, Marc Amyot of the University of Montreal in Quebec and his colleagues say in the March Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.
Many phytochemicals stimulate the biochemical pathways that detoxify and excrete drugs, rather than turn them into carcinogens.
Future microchips may sport nanograss patches that can be electrically triggered to absorb or excrete drops of chemicals or even roll drops from patch to patch, Krupenkin says.