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Play down the threat of monetary damages as a remedy for exclusionary zoning.
Too many Americans are victims of more subtle forms of discrimination, such as predatory lending, exclusionary zoning and development policies that limit affordable housing," the statement said.
Exacerbating these commuting hardships is the region's well-reported shortage of affordable housing, in large part a result of exclusionary zoning patterns, such as minimum lot size requirements, and a shortage of smaller rental properties.
phenomenon deserves a similar name--the New Exclusionary Zoning.
Taking as its cue a seminal ruling in an exclusionary zoning challenge in New Jersey known as the Mt.
While the rule would not directly impose new compliance obligations on apartment owners, developers and managers, the proposal's broad mission to desegregate communities by combating exclusionary zoning and other practices deemed discriminatory could indirectly affect the industry by creating delays in construction and permitting decisions.
Because of the exclusionary zoning, these communities have become unaffordable for the young suburban workforce.
Exclusionary zoning can be defined as zoning which effectively prevents a class of people from becoming members of the locality.
Under the initiative, participating local governments were encouraged to review their regulations for inefficiencies, such as out-of-date building codes, duplicative design review and approval processes, and restrictive or exclusionary zoning ordinances that created barriers to new construction of affordable housing.