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1. Injuries, illnesses, or other conditions for which a health insurance policy does not provide coverage. Exclusions exist because they are thought to be too risky for the health insurance provider. For example, many insurance providers exclude treatment for some types of cancer because they are so expensive to treat. See also: Pre-existing condition.

2. Income that is not considered gross income for tax purposes. Exclusions include gifts, inheritance, and some others. It is important to note that just because a type of income is an exclusion, it does not mean that it is not taxed; it simply may be taxed differently. Exclusions are stated in the U.S. Tax Code.


Medical services that insurance companies do not pay for are called exclusions. A typical exclusion is a wartime injury or a self-inflicted wound.

But coverage for certain pre-existing conditions, or health problems you had before you were covered by the policy, may also be excluded on some policies.


An amount of income that is not included in gross income because the Tax Code excludes it. Examples, include gain from a qualified sale of a principal residence, income earned abroad, and gifts and inheritances.
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Figures from the Department for Education show the number of fixed term exclusions in Walsall soared from 249 in 2012/13 to 462 in 2013/14, as the numbers rose by a fifth across England as a whole.
In Cardio, Farmers insured Cardio under a commercial property insurance policy which included a water exclusion for "loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by .
Unlike previous studies where researchers created hypothetical situations and pre-selected the reasons for exclusion that kids could choose from, the Concordia study asked kids to talk about a time when they excluded a peer.
Because of portability, the need for spouses to retile properly and create trusts solely to take advantage of each spouse's basic exclusion amount is eliminated |Xotice 2011-82.
Which steps are taken before exclusion will depend on the school''s behaviour policy and the merits of the individual case and will differ from school to school".
111-312, a surviving spouse, assuming an election is made by the executor of the deceased spouse's estate, will be able to increase his or her applicable exclusion amount by the amount of the unused exclusion amount of the deceased spouse (dying after 2010).
The passage of sweeping federal environmental legislation in the late 1970s and early 1980s led to the elimination of the "sudden and accidental" exception to the standard exclusion and the creation of the "absolute" pollution exclusion in 1985.
No head teacher and no teacher uses exclusion - fixed-term exclusion and certainly permanent exclusion - lightly.
The timing for taking the exclusion is quite straightforward for domestic (U.
Not only is it used to refer to a wide range of phenomena and processes related to poverty, deprivation and hardship, but it is also used in relation to a wide range of categories of excluded people and places of exclusion.
Dear Editor, I would like to take the opportunity to set the record straight in relation to your article School Chiefs Criticised over Exclusion Figures (Birmingham Post, August 5).
Meanwhile, it emerged the most common reason for exclusion was general or persistent disobedience - accounting for 12,959 cases or 32.