ex-rights date

Ex-rights date

The date on which a share of common stock with rights on it begins trading ex-rights.

Ex-Rights Date

The date on which any right on a stock that has been declared, but not distributed, belongs legally to its seller rather than the buyer. That is, when one sells a stock on or after the ex-rights date, the right will remain with the seller when it is distributed. On the other hand, if it is sold before the ex-rights date, the right will go to the buyer. See also: Ex-dividend date.

ex-rights date

The first day of trading on which new buyers of a firm's stock will not be entitled to receive recently declared rights to buy shares in a new security issue.
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ADIB will set the timetable for the rights issue, including the ex-rights date and subscription period, following shareholder approval of the share offering.
before the Ex-Rights Date, a claim transaction will automatically be
The ex-rights date for the Offer will be determined by the NYSE pursuant to its normal procedures and the Fund will issue a press release to notify stockholders of when the rights have been admitted for trading and of the ex-rights date once these dates have been determined by the NYSE.
The Ex-Rights Date for the Offer will be determined by the New York Stock Exchange pursuant to its normal procedures.
Important Dates: Ex-Rights Date December 19, 2005 Record Date December 22, 2005 Expiration Date January 20, 2006
The Company expects the ex-rights date will be the first business day after the effective date of the registration statement.
limitation, the determination of the respective ex-rights date,
Important Dates: Rights Begin Trading February 18, 2004 Ex-Rights Date February 20, 2004 Record Date February 24, 2004 Expiration Date March 19, 2004
To the extent the debentures are not be repaid with shares of the Company issued at the rights offering price, the debentures will be repaid, at the holder's options, in cash or shares issued at the greater of the rights offering price and the price determined by applying a 15% discount to the weighted average trading price of the common shares on The Toronto Stock Exchange during the ten days following the ex-rights date, which is the date on which purchasers of the shares cease to be entitled to receive rights.
shareholders in cash, the determination of the ex-rights date, the
Accordingly, any sales of common stock by Magnum Hunter stockholders between the January 10, 2002 record date and the ex-rights date will be subject to "due bills" by which the selling stockholders are obligated to deliver, upon receipt, the applicable warrants to the purchasers of the common stock who at the time of the transaction paid a "rights on" price (i.
There will be no ex-rights date as there had been in Safeguard rights offerings.