ex-rights date

Ex-rights date

The date on which a share of common stock with rights on it begins trading ex-rights.

Ex-Rights Date

The date on which any right on a stock that has been declared, but not distributed, belongs legally to its seller rather than the buyer. That is, when one sells a stock on or after the ex-rights date, the right will remain with the seller when it is distributed. On the other hand, if it is sold before the ex-rights date, the right will go to the buyer. See also: Ex-dividend date.

ex-rights date

The first day of trading on which new buyers of a firm's stock will not be entitled to receive recently declared rights to buy shares in a new security issue.
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The ex-rights date will be on February 12 while the offering period will be from February 26 to March 2, 2018.
This Offering will be available to all those registered as shareholders before December 8th, the ex-rights date.
ADIB will set the timetable for the rights issue, including the ex-rights date and subscription period, following shareholder approval of the share offering.