Shares of stock that are trading without rights attached.

Rights Off

Describing the sale of a share without any rights attached to it. That is, any rights that may be attached to the share remain with the seller. It is also called ex-rights and contrasts with rights on. See also: Rights offering, Ex-dividend.


Used to describe a stock that trades without giving the stockholder the privilege to receive rights to buy shares of a new stock issue. Because new shares are sold at below market price to rights holders, the rights have value. Thus, a stock trading ex-rights is worth less than the same stock with rights attached. A stock trading ex-rights is indicated in stock transaction tables in newspapers by the symbol x near the volume column. Also called rights off. Compare rights on. See also rights offering.
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The company stated that the common shares will trade on the TSX from the Effective Date to and including the Expiry Date and ex-rights trading of the common shares will commence on 30 November 2017.
The indicative issue price of 10 sen per rights share is a discount of about 33 per cent to the theoretical ex-rights price of its shares of 15 sen based on its closing price of 61 sen per share on July 24, 2015.
61% KEY dealing suspended price ex-divided price ex-scrip issue price ex-rights issue capital distribution ex-all value in sterling which have since the previous in bold type.
The company announced its shares are trading ex-rights from Wednesday.
As per the rules and regulations of the Dubai Financial Market, Arabtec shares will trade, as of 29 May 2013, at the Ex-Rights price, said a media statement.
50/share), ex-stock dividend (20%) and ex-rights (25%) basis from Tuesday (Feb.
The subscription price corresponds to a discount of some 35% to the theoretical ex-rights price (TERP), based on the share's closing
The value of the shares ex-rights will influence their decision whether to sell the rights, retain their present position or increase their holding.
17 percent discount to theoretical ex-rights price, or TERP, based on Friday's closing share price of EUR1.
3 percent discount to the theoretical ex-rights price.
The analysts see a 28% downside to the theoretical ex-rights price, or TERP, of EUR 13.
128 introduces the reverse treasury stock and theoretical ex-rights methods.