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The casting out of a tenant from a tenancy. For example, a landlord may evict a resident of an apartment for non-payment of rent. Eviction may occur for a tenant's violations of the lease agreement. In general, however, the landlord must give notice a certain number of days before an eviction may take place.


The process of denying possession to a tenant.It may be one of the following:

• Actual, as when the landlord obtains a court order that the tenant vacate the premises or have his or her goods and person removed by law enforcement officials.

• Constructive, as when the landlord allows a condition to continue that renders the premises, or a part of the premises, incapable of possession and enjoyment.

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On the other hand, residents of Al-Sahaby informal settlement had been issued an eviction notice even though this area is considered much safer than Al-Me'adessa Street.
In its latest report, the organisation said it had received reports of more than 1,000 threatened or actual cases of illegal eviction this year, compared to 674 throughout all of 2008.
Pushing the number up are the rising volume of foreclosures in one- to four-family homes in Queens while pushing it down are a reduced number of evictions in multi-family properties because of the weaker market and stronger housing laws.
But tenant and news accounts of illegal evictions are grossly exaggerated, he said, adding that occasional mistakes are part of the cost of doing business, he said.
THE numbers of families threatened with eviction in Wales is rising, a charity claimed yesterday.
However, owners must keep in mind that an eviction is a legal process.
Investigations are also underway into how council officials sent the tenant written notices warning him of the pending eviction when they were aware he could not read them.
Unlike many residential evictions, commercial evictions are not impeded by a landlord accepting partial rent after service of a three-day notice, even if such rent comes in after the three days have passed.
As a collection of reprints tied to the cultural moments of their production, Evictions holds up well.
Special emphasis is given to training managers on applicant screening and the eviction process.
According to Sam Singer, a spokesman for Page Mill, "There were very few evictions over the course of the last year at Woodland Park.
I WAS shocked last Thursday to hear that the first "bedroom-tax" eviction in Wales was threatened in Fairwater, and I went along to show my support for the (soon-to-be) evicted tenant.