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The casting out of a tenant from a tenancy. For example, a landlord may evict a resident of an apartment for non-payment of rent. Eviction may occur for a tenant's violations of the lease agreement. In general, however, the landlord must give notice a certain number of days before an eviction may take place.
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The process of denying possession to a tenant.It may be one of the following:

• Actual, as when the landlord obtains a court order that the tenant vacate the premises or have his or her goods and person removed by law enforcement officials.

• Constructive, as when the landlord allows a condition to continue that renders the premises, or a part of the premises, incapable of possession and enjoyment.

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The firm of lawyers that represented the family in the recent case is now urging anybody who has been evicted by the council to urgently seek legal advice.
| Caroline Beck and her family were evicted from their |house in Steele Crescent, South Bank, Middlesbrough, under new powers to deal with anti-social behaviour.
Groh and her friends returned to her room, Westin security personnel came to the door, entered the room without permission, and evicted Ms.
"If they are not willing to pay then we will evict. We evicted over 80 households last year and we took hundreds and hundreds of people to court.
Himmelstein said the Chetrits want to evict at least one of the apartments in order to install a new elevator shaft.
Both the church and the Corporation of London, which jointly own the land the protesters have occupied for more than two weeks, said they were suspending moves to evict them.
NADYA Suleman and her 14 children could be evicted because she is behind with house payments.
Graham Kinnear, MD at Landlord Assist says: "Although many private landlords provide a good quality service to their tenants, there is a minority who believe that they are above the law and can evict tenants without taking the required steps.
But in 400 remaining cases, the children will be evicted along with their parents.
"We had the first batch ordered to evict the place, but they didn't, although some did it willingly.
Since landlords are not allowed to evict tenants by force, many tenants default on rent payments.
Milecastle Housing, the association with which she is a tenant, held a board meeting to discuss her future, and decided not to evict her immediately but said she will be evicted if she continues using the drug.