sleeping beauty

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Sleeping beauty

Often used in risk arbitrage. Potential takeover target that has not yet been approached by an acquirer. Such a company usually has particularly attractive features, such as a large amount of cash, or undervalued real estate or other assets.

Sleeping Beauty

A company, especially a start-up, that might make a profitable takeover, but has not been approached by a potential acquirer. Qualifications for a sleeping beauty include high potential with bad management or perhaps an undervalued share price.

sleeping beauty

A firm with valuable assets not effectively used by its management. Such a firm has high profit potential and value and is therefore a prime candidate for takeover.
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What I hope is that one day I fall into a deep eternal sleep and in my last moments I will be thinking of him.
The pain is very deep, God chose to take you to rest in eternal sleep.
xxxxxxxxx Elaine who has entered her eternal sleep.
Unlike the champions-elect,however, Liverpool yesterday gave the impression of one heading for an eternal sleep at the vets and saw their Champions League aspirations suffer an equally debilitating blow in the process.
Your loving sisters Janine, Rob and Liza, Gill and Tony, Mel, Paul and Dominic, Liza and Jim xxx (To my beloved boyfriend and loving Daddy, you looked so handsome lying there in eternal sleep, forever.
BARKER Dorothy (Nana) I hoped to see you one more time, but six weeks was a mountain too high to climb, I made a promise that I could not keep, and now you rest in eternal sleep.