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Approximately 150 acres of this land, including a 50-acre portion known as "Area 40," was held back from this escrow closing.
SERVICE BUSINESS: Title Agency: Professional business to business company that is an expert in the title agency, abstract, title insurance and escrow closing area.
DeVisscher has more than 30 years of experience in Whatcom County's real estate industry as a mortgage banker, underwriter, escrow closing officer and customer-service supervisor.
The sale has been officially approved by the chamber members, which was one of the contingencies of escrow closing,'' said William Steinmeyer, the chamber's attorney throughout negotiations with Barker.
He has also helped develop an escrow closing system while working with Logical Solutions.
The workflow and notification tools allow builders to define and track the various levels and steps of the new home proposal process, tightening the links among sales associates, sales managers, and escrow closing coordinators.
As always, it is difficult to assume that an escrow closing and stockholder and board approval, where required, can be assured, but I am pleased that no matter what, we have already realized the advance monies we needed to hold our position in China.
Under the special warrant financing, the C$22 million raised was placed in escrow pending Bolivar achieving certain milestones; the escrow closing of the Storage @ccess acquisition and the filing of the preliminary prospectus were two of these milestones and as a result, two-thirds of the $22 million has been released to Bolivar, to be used for the purpose of establishing the Storage Access business.
A buyer's "walk through" inspection should take place just a few days prior to escrow closing while a professional home inspection may be done many weeks or even months before the close of escrow.
The sugarcane land, formerly owned by Talisman and located in the Belle Glade area of south central Florida, south of Lake Okeechobee, was sold in an escrow closing to The Nature Conservancy in December 1998, for $133.
Pursuant to the Agreement, the buyer will deposit US$800,000 in an escrow closing, anticipated for December 14, 1995.