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The 1981 and 1995 Acts authorize the use of estimation and statistical sampling techniques to determine amounts that should be escheated if a holder fails to maintain adequate and accurate records.
Instead, most escheated gift card money reverts to the state's general fund.
Furthermore, earlier 'private' Plantations, for example those in Antrim and north Down, would have had a higher Scots to English ratio than the six escheated counties because these private Plantations had largely excluded English settlers (Montgomery 2003: 237).
Thereafter the legislature repealed this measure and directed that all escheated property which the trustees had not already sold should revert to the state.
three children were included in his estate that escheated to the state.
* The escheated funds that derive from monies allocated for distribution to creditors in bankruptcy cases that are never actually distributed because the creditors cannot be located.
(2) In 1783, as the original grantees did not live up to their obligations, it was escheated and taken back by the Crown.
The settlements with insurance departments focused on such "asymmetrical" use of the DMF as a potentially unfair and deceptive trade practice, while the settlements with state treasurers were based on identification of escheated benefits through initial runs of the DMF on in-force policy databases.
that parcel, estate or interest to the Nisga'a Nation." (155) While the formal rights of the Crown to escheated property remain constant, the perpetual right of the Nisga'a Nation to repossession may reflect the creation of a new type of interest in law.
New York-based Keane offers services such as risk mitigation, customer communication programmes, recovery of escheated assets, consulting and reporting, among others.
Ultimately, Verus officials say, perhaps 75 to 80 percent of the escheated funds are returned to beneficiaries.