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from escheat leaders in formulating and delivering the petition is
"The act affects all insurance contracts issued by plaintiffs in force at any time after January 1, 1992, regardless of whether an insurance contract has been terminated, surrendered, expired, lapsed, already paid, or already escheated to the state," the lawsuit said.
674 (1965), the Supreme Court established that unclaimed property first escheats to the state of the owner's address according to the holder's records, i.e., the primary state.
(109) From the beginning, though, British courts electing to give effect to negative wills carved out an exception for those resulting in an escheat, which the courts invalidated.
(5) Simply put, the transformation of unclaimed property into revenue first requires a state to "escheat," or take custody of property from a "holder," which is generally a corporation.
(90) In the midst of this legal battle, Congress amended ILCA to escheat interests that represented less than two percent of the total acreage and were incapable of earning $100 in one of the five years preceding the decedent's death.
A spokesman for the Crown Estate said: "The Crown Estate is aware that the freehold interest in the property may have recently become subject to escheat (property reverting to the State), and is awaiting documentation from the council.
He begins with cases, such as joint tenancy: accounting for continuity, leases: misled by a simile, and escheat: picking up the pieces.
ineligible for citizenship would escheat, or transfer to the state,