escalator clause

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Escalator clause

Provision in a contract allowing cost increases to be passed on. In an employment contract, for example an escalator clause may call for wage increases in line with inflation.
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Escalator Clause

A clause in a contract stating that a certain payment increase will grow each year according to some formula stated in the contract. For example, an employment contract may have an escalator clause allowing for small increases in salary each year. An escalator clause usually exists to protect one party to the contract from inflation.
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escalator clause

See escalation clause.

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Because the rate of increase in pay and whether or ot a contract contains an escalator clause are simultaneously determined with contract duration in the bargaining process, the estimation treats these two variables as endogenous.
Joint interpretation of the results from the two F tests therefore suggests that virtually all of the gain from controlling for industry occurs at the level of the wage change and escalator clause prediction equations and not at the level of the duration equation.
Asphalt cost escalator clauses are a price adjustment provision that allow asphalt paving contractors to adjust their construction price based on a fluctuation in liquid asphalt cost.
Stated differently, even if the pattern of union employment across industries had remained constant, the number of union workers covered by escalator clauses would have declined.
Because contracts containing escalator clauses cover a period of more than one year, the percentage of workers covered by COLA clauses depends not only on contracts negotiated that year, but also on contracts negotiated in previous years.
Top-of-the-ladder blue-collar workers, driven by unions, have won rate increases for decades, benefiting from cost-of-living or "escalator clauses" and receiving real income increases above inflation.
The call to cut fuel duty was echoed by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, especially to help small companies who don't have fuel escalator clauses
And broadcast and pay TV licenses have long contained escalator clauses that tie films' ancillary value directly to box office grosses.
A world with terms like "voidable years," "escalator clauses," "deferred payments" and "salary cap."
Boeing, they said, had benefited from price escalator clauses in its sales agreements that boosted 2000 operating revenues in a way that was not likely to be repeated in 2001
Michael Printz, the Rent Stabilization Association director of sales and marketing, advises obtaining escalator clauses to keep pace with inflation or cover the cost of business.