errors and omissions insurance

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Errors and Omissions Insurance

An insurance policy providing coverage for a professional in the event he/she does not perform his/her duties well and it results in harm to a client. That is, errors and omissions insurance covers negligence. It is offered to attorneys, physicians, architects, etc. It is known by its abbreviation, E&O.

errors and omissions (E&O) insurance

Insurance that protects against malpractice. Especially when working with a buyer's broker, who has a high degree of responsibility to anticipate problems and warn the client, one should ask for proof of E&O insurance before hiring a real estate professional.

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Technology Products and Services Liability -- errors and omissions liability insurance for information and network technology companies.
Errors and omissions coverage is a professional liability policy covering the policyholder for negligent acts and/or omissions that may harm his or her clients.
Insurance rates and access to insurance carriers for errors and omissions insurance are directly affected by the number of claims, size of awards, and settlements paid out in California," said C.
It intends to operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, targeting qualified claim professionals who are interested in broader errors and omissions and general liability coverage according to the company.
The danger of today's rapidly changing errors and omissions market, notes Bates Richmond, until recently vice president of the corporate risk-management group he built at Clear Channel Communications Inc.
An additional insurance factor which should comfort design professionals is that most errors and omissions policies provide coverage on a "claims-made" basis, i.
Avert has signed an Errors and Omissions Insurance policy to protect against lawsuits involving the intangible customers expectations of the product.
has launched a new errors and omissions liability insurance policy that can be tailored to meet the needs of small- to large-sized information and network technology companies.
First, note that Directors and Officers Liability coverage (D&O) is an Errors and Omissions coverage, i.
DocuTech's software interfaces with leading LOS and enables brokers to generate documents locally, increasing efficiency, reducing time, eliminating errors and omissions and providing added convenience to homebuyers.
The coverage offers contractual indemnity against claims that arise from negligent acts, errors and omissions.
The Electronic Information Errors and Omissions Liability Policy provided by Legion allows insureds to choose from a menu of cover-ages that apply to their operations, such as technology errors and omissions, media or intellectual property offenses, breach of computer security coverage of the selected network from either external attack or internal and external attack.