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A negative impact on one or more of a firm's existing assets.


1. The gradual loss of an asset's value. See also: Depreciation.

2. The wearing away of real estate caused by natural events. For example, a rising sea level may erode a beach front property. Erosion can reduce the property's value.


The slow wearing away by natural forces such as water and wind.

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Galactosaminoglycuronglycan sulfate in erosive osteoarthritis of the hands: early diagnosis, early treatment.
The erosive wear behavior of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) was tested by air-borne particle erosion equipment.
Through the whole path of oil shale in the horizontal and vertical directions, vertical or slightly declining parts have been subjected to erosive wear.
Erosive OA has been associated with systemic diseases, including hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, hyperparathyroidism, chronic renal disease, scleroderma, Sjogren's syndrome, and calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate arthropathy (CPPD).
Available algorithms for the prediction of erosive and persistent arthritis as well as long-term disability should undergo further evaluation.
It is my belief that wear of the internal surfaces of the mixer that occurs due to the mixing action of rubber and plastic compounds is primarily due to corrosive (oxidation), chemical attack and the abrasive, adhesive and erosive wear mechanism.
Atrophic vaginitis and erosive lichen planus are among the noninfectious conditions that are high on Dr.
Increased infiltration rates, infiltration capacity and surface roughness exhibited by the forest floor greatly reduce the erosive energy of storm runoff.
to treat acid-related disorders (such as gastroesophageal reflux disease [GERD], erosive esophagitis, active benign gastric ulcers and other conditions associated with overproduction of stomach acid), Prevacid is the first proton pump inhibitor (PPI) available in this formulation.
Aerobic activity also decreases lower esophageal sphincter pressure, increasing risk of erosive esophagitis.
For Las Tunas, the use of natural fertilizers is of major importance, since most of the province's soils are affected by erosion, salinity and other erosive factors (see CubaNews, September 2003, page 14).
Lodgepole pine was the tree of choice because it will help stabilize the erosive granite-like soils, provide habitat for various wildlife species, and restore the national forests' aesthetic appeal.