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A negative impact on one or more of a firm's existing assets.


1. The gradual loss of an asset's value. See also: Depreciation.

2. The wearing away of real estate caused by natural events. For example, a rising sea level may erode a beach front property. Erosion can reduce the property's value.


The slow wearing away by natural forces such as water and wind.

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IT leaders find inadequate intellectual property protection, weak privacy and undependable IT erodes trust much more than do business leaders.
Despite Class B4-I's increase in credit enhancement from initial levels, the severely delinquent pipeline (90 day, Foreclosure and REO) will significantly erode current credit enhancement levels.
The defendants have had the opportunity to work closely with us to innovate and improve the overall content experience for file sharers, yet they choose to send users damaged files that erode relationships between artists, bands, and their fans.
And they know not to wait until a field starts to erode to till it and not to think that rain will solve the problem.
As industrial nations tighten controls on hazeforming pollutants and as stratospheric ozone continues to thin, both ultraviolet shields will erode further.
The hydrochloric acid in vomit can, within a year, completely erode the hard, protective enamel from a bulimic's teeth, leaving them painfully sensitive to extremes in temperature and vulnerable to rampant decay.
In the first six months of this year, the average hedge fund investor has done slightly better than break even while equity mutual fund investors have watched their life savings erode another 10%," stated George Van, chairman of global hedge fund advisory firm, Van Hedge Fund Advisors International, Inc.
Surrender levels are high, and are expected to deteriorate in fiscal 2000 as policyholder confidence continues to erode in the wake of four recent failures in the industry.
Tenders are invited for Conveyance Of Mails From Erode Sorting Division To Bhavani And Surrounding Areas In Erode Postal Division,Tn Circle.
The report, which was approved by 11 of the 19 members on the Commission, calls for numerous changes in state and local sales tax systems that will significantly erode their tax base.
Two thirds of Virginia beaches north of the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay are likely to erode while one-third are likely to be overwashed.