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A negative impact on one or more of a firm's existing assets.


1. The gradual loss of an asset's value. See also: Depreciation.

2. The wearing away of real estate caused by natural events. For example, a rising sea level may erode a beach front property. Erosion can reduce the property's value.


The slow wearing away by natural forces such as water and wind.

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Participants from the South and West regions see labor as the factor most likely to erode margins over the next 12 months.
Operating losses, financial support to Delphi and the costs of GM's own restructuring program will continue to erode GM's liquidity until the sale of the GMAC stake, which is expected to occur in the fourth quarter.
We are all affected when companies fail - employees lose jobs, management turns over, share prices fall and uncertainty erodes progress.
Tender notice number : E1/2708/2015 ERODE CITY MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ID:2015_MAWS_51582_1
About 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon, a small river called West Clear Creek is chewing its way eastward through rocks similar to those that the Colorado began to erode millions of years ago.
The idea is to bury the pipes deep enough that future storm runoff won't erode the riverbed enough to expose them again.
Absent material investment in upgraded technology at the satellite infrastructure and customer premise equipment levels, Fitch believes that these factors will continue to erode the company's longer term competitive position.
Of these, Friedman says, about 87,000 are on beaches or bluffs likely to erode in the next 60 years.
But when you erode the cliffs, they're gone forever.
17, 2004, DASH's overcollateralization (OC) coverage ratios have continued to erode.