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human engineering

the study of the interface between people and technology with the objective of achieving a better ‘fit’ between the two. The twin objectives of ergonomics are the interrelated ones of improvements in efficiency and the provision of better working conditions. For instance, an ergonomist would be concerned to ensure that a typist's chair is of the right height to avoid back and arm strains. As well as minimizing employee dissatisfaction this would prevent productivity from being impaired by physical injury. In more complex technological environments the ergonomist is also concerned with the distribution of functions between human operators and the technology itself.

Ergonomics grew out of SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT, one strand of which was concerned with the development of technology that could be matched to the task in hand and to the human physique, and human factor psychology (see OCCUPATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY), which was concerned with the impact of environmental factors on work performance.

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Modern: What is the role of the ergonomist in the organization?
com) in-house ergonomist, when he asked parents this very question, "the things they were most concerned about were online predators and people taking advantage of their kids.
According to previous research by ergonomists at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, back pain is a common complaint among vehicle operators.
According to Mike Wynn, certified professional ergonomist and vice president of Humantech, "The Applied Lean Ergonomics course adds a unique set of tools to the lean tool kit for organizations to accelerate their lean journey.
Given that one of the challenges facing ergonomists is getting workers through the "break-in" period of the intervention process, these results are viewed as very positive and have, in fact, influenced the technique that our research team currently employs in introducing interventions in our ongoing intervention research.
Qualified ergonomists typically will have earned a certification in ergonomics--either a CPE (certified professional ergonomist) or a CHF (certified human factors professional).
The firm works with ergonomists, hospitals, rehabilitation agencies, veterans organizations and with computer professionals directly to assist in RSI reduction.
Ergonomists should recognize and appreciate the natural maturation that occurs for most technological innovations.
This multidisciplinary course is intended for those who are responsible for the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries in the workplace, including ergonomists, occupational safety and health practitioners, industrial hygienists, physicians, physical and occupational therapists, rehabilitation engineers, industrial and design engineers, loss control managers and human resource managers.
Diosi noticed there were conflicting viewpoints at the Sudbury conference among ergonomists, occupational health professionals and researchers as to whether or not older workers gradually become less productive on the job and more accident-prone.
law firm, argue that ergonomists are engineers, not physicians, which makes their medical theories controversial.
Ergonomists examine all aspects of the human interface, utilizing static anthropometric measurements and calculations of movement ranges, in addition to user perceptions of a product.