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human engineering

the study of the interface between people and technology with the objective of achieving a better ‘fit’ between the two. The twin objectives of ergonomics are the interrelated ones of improvements in efficiency and the provision of better working conditions. For instance, an ergonomist would be concerned to ensure that a typist's chair is of the right height to avoid back and arm strains. As well as minimizing employee dissatisfaction this would prevent productivity from being impaired by physical injury. In more complex technological environments the ergonomist is also concerned with the distribution of functions between human operators and the technology itself.

Ergonomics grew out of SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT, one strand of which was concerned with the development of technology that could be matched to the task in hand and to the human physique, and human factor psychology (see OCCUPATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY), which was concerned with the impact of environmental factors on work performance.

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Here's where office superstores can offer enhanced customer services for consumers who are anxious to work in an ergonomically correct office suite at home.
In addition Aarrowcast, always ergonomically mindful, wanted a solution that would alleviate any concerns about carpal tunnel syndrome developing in its workers.
The Minneapolis-based Winsted Corporation has ergonomically engineered the Matrix Modular Console System.
And the keyboard's curvy form, although aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing, is just too large to be practical for small and home offices.
With movement on up to four axes, the positioner provides safe, ergonomically sound access to virtually any area of a product.
A major benefit of the transporter is ergonomically designed multi-functional control handle for both left and right handed usable thumb controls.
This combination provides operators with a safe, ergonomically beneficial, and highly flexible solution that increases productivity.
The first commercial application is a handle grip on Oreck's new ergonomically designed upright Dual Stack commercial vacuum.
Plus, the ergonomically designed handles won't pinch or cut your hands.
It features an ergonomically designed handle and costs "about the same as comparable quality manual brushes." Direct To Retail also markets the Perfect Smile Tooth Whitening.
Each one is ergonomically designed so you can hold it as you wish and paint without fear of blisters - believe me, I recently tested this over two days of decorating.
HMS Seating's Secure EZ 900 SP is an all-metal, ergonomically designed chair that offers angling and easy repositioning for the comfort and protection of residents with Huntington disease or other debilitating conditions.