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Recently, the IPO of our fifth managed equity REIT, Industrial Logistics Properties Trust, was successfully completed on January 17, 2018.
About half of all equity REIT market segments had double-digit total returns in 2017, it said.
The CMA Law only contemplates one type of REIT, which is the equity REIT ("Equity REIT").
Equity REIT Index fell by 62%, as the stock market collapsed.
It aims to represent the performance of the equity REIT investment opportunity in the US, with the companies represented being about 85% of all US REITs.
Dividend growth and yield sustain-ability with interest rate and inflation protection--An improving economy benefits equity REIT operating fundamentals.
Liu and Mei (1992) created an all equity REIT portfolio from the Center for Research on Security Prices (CRSP) for the January 1971 to December 1989 corrected for the survivorship bias.
The equity REIT index, which includes industrial/office, residential, retail, diversified, lodging, health care, self storage and specialty, recorded a 3.
Eight Equity REIT property sectors and subsectors outperformed the 3.
5 percent over 2014, while Equity REIT NOI increased 13.
Equity REIT Liquidity Update: Well Positioned for the Coming Year http://www.
Equity REIT Liquidity Update: Several Spigots' (May 24, 2012);