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This definition shows that there are two stages by two different games in our proposed environment: The first one is a simultaneous game between the chains and pertains to shaping the network structures and the price specifying the equilibrium market price with respect to the fact that the prices are strictly related to the SC's opened paths (opened plants and DCs).
Where Pt is the expected market price in respect of wheat in year t Pt-1 is the long run equilibrium market price of wheat in year t Pt is the actual market price in year t and is the adjustment coefficient for market price of wheat.
Another implication of our model is that there should be greater dispersion in listing prices following the bursting of a bubble--at is, listing prices at and far above the equilibrium market price should be observed.
The equilibrium market price and joint profit are respectively:
Therefore, the equilibrium market price Pe is retranslated in point P'e, into an unsustainable manner on a long time, due to the price growth from P1 to P2 (based on the artificial incomes growth) in correlation with the responsive supply extension from Q1 to Q2 (excessive "diversification" effect based on the aligning supply tendency related to an expansive demand).
Tables 2a and 2b present the maximum number of finns that can be profitably accommodated, the equilibrium market price, individual output, and individual net profits for each of the eight different markets.
Sufficient flexibility in prices leads to equilibrium market prices, which renders the need for effective public price control.
Chipty and Witte study the effects of consumer information on equilibrium market prices and observable product quality in the market for child care.
Competition gradually reduces the equilibrium market prices of goods and the market share of the state-owned enterprises.

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