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The seizure of property, especially (but not necessarily) real estate, from a defendant in a lawsuit in anticipation of its award to a plaintiff. Attachment occurs when a judge believes that the plaintiff will prevail in the suit and, therefore, permits the seizure. However, if the defendant does prevail in the end, the judge must compensate her with a bond to cover any potential damages the plaintiff causes.
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The legal process of seizing real or personal property for the payment of nonmortgage debts such as tax liens or judgments.

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04 mm is considered to be norm for most patients and most teeth, although significant variations especially in the length of the epithelial attachment can occur.
Glass ionomer offers conducive properties like ease of placement, does not require complete coverage by gingival flap, evidence of formation of long junctional epithelial attachment [14] and lower cost.
Corresponding foramina were observed on the pulpal side and occurred above or below the level of the epithelial attachment. The author speculates that bacterial penetration through these accessory canals is the primary etiological path of pulpal disease in teeth with simple form of PGGs.