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A total of 194 dioceses and eparchies participated in the audit process through either an on-site visit or by data collection.
The language by which the first Byzantine Catholic eparchies in North America were erected in 1924 reflects this geographic determinism.
In November 2004, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops commissioned the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University to design and conduct an annual survey of all member dioceses and eparchies, or dioceses of the Eastern Orthodox churches that are associated with the USCCB.
The UOC-KP had 31 eparchies, 3,721 communities, and 2,816 clergy members.
A letter introducing the annual report from Francesco Cesareo, president of Assumption College in Worcester, Mass., and chairman of the lay National Review Board, which advises the bishops on sex abuse, says that Lincoln and all but one of the eparchies have requested to be part of the audit process in the next reporting cycle.
The UOC-KP has 31 eparchies and 3,484 communities, approximately 60 percent of which are in the western part of the country.
For example, of the 197 dioceses and eparchies that are members of the U.S.
The Organising Committee, composed of the Chancellors of all five Ukrainian Catholic Eparchies in Canada, and headed by Auxiliary Bishop for Ukrainians of Winnipeg David Motiuk, spent six months in preparation for this Conference.
Cesareo announced that the Lincoln, Neb., diocese and five Eastern rite eparchies again refused to cooperate with the auditing process.
Presently, the UCWLC has 113 branches across six provinces within the four eparchies and one archeparchy, and a membership of 5300.
Cesareo also particularly notes that the Lincoln, Neb., diocese and five eparchies stubbornly refuse to cooperate with auditing procedures.
"Podkrepa" say in some eparchies high-ranking clerics demonstrate wealth such as expensive automobiles, while other priests receive less than the minimum wage in the country, and the discrepancy stirs lots of tensions among the above.