environmental site assessment

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environmental site assessment (ESA)

A report by an environmental engineer or other qualified professional regarding the existence of any environmental hazards or concerns.

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"Environmental site assessments are a due diligence tool that potential buyers and sellers of properties can use to assess environmental risk that can impact the value of a property," says Matt Hemry, vice president for Shannon & Wilson, a geotechnical and environmental consulting firm with offices in Anchorage and Fairbanks.
"Purchase, sale, and lease transactions are the largest reasons people engage in environmental site assessments. Another reason is liability management," Derhake says.
The event highlighted the recent EPA Brownfields assessment grant of $350,000 to perform environmental site assessments at the future MAPS3 Downtown Public Park site.
ASTM standards on environmental site assessments for commercial real estate, 5th ed.
Prospective buyers can use the reports to conduct property due diligence or Phase I environmental site assessments required by mortgage lenders.
Back when Ransom Consulting was a one-man operation, we specialized in environmental site assessments, investigations, clean-up, and compliance.
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA) are recommended for all commercial real-estate transactions, including the sale of property, re-mortgaging of real estate, and lease termination protection.
City of South Beloit: $200,000 Assessment Grant for hazardous substances and $100,000 Assessment Grant for petroleum to conduct environmental site assessments and develop cleanup plans for the Confluence Revitalization Area
The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $400,000 to the City of Fort Worth, Texas, to identify and inventory brownfields properties, conduct environmental site assessments and conduct outreach activities to inform citizens and communities about the city's brownfields program.
* The city of Nashua, which will perform Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and clean-up of the former Nashua Manufacturing boiler and coal house on Pine Street Extension.
City of Brooksville - $300,000 assessment grant ($100,000 for hazardous substances and $200,000 for petroleum) will be used to conduct 16 Phase I and five Phase II environmental site assessments. Grant funds also will be used to prepare five cleanup plans, develop a community involvement plan, and conduct community involvement activities.

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