environmental site assessment

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environmental site assessment (ESA)

A report by an environmental engineer or other qualified professional regarding the existence of any environmental hazards or concerns.

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Environmental site assessments can be performed as a defense against financial liability associated with environmental clean-up of U.
The North Country Council, which will receive two $200,000 grants to inventory and rank sites for hazardous substances and petroleum and perform up to between eight and ten Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments for both.
Upon Task Order assignment, the consultant/consultant team will conduct a Phase II environmental site assessment, in accordance with applicable and relevant federal and state
Tenders are invited for Continuing Professional Services for Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation
Parsons work for 7-Eleven Canada includes environmental site assessments, site remediation, hazardous materials surveys, fuel facility decommissioning, due diligence/acquisition support services, construction support, and other general environmental/remediation services.
She is experienced in local, state and federal permitting, NEPA documentation, environmental site assessments, and land research and site acquisition.
Back when Ransom Consulting was a one-man operation, we specialized in environmental site assessments, investigations, clean-up, and compliance.
She has over 17 years experience in managing all types of engineering and environmental site assessments as well as remediation projects.
His expertise includes environmental site assessments and all phases of remediation management.
ASTM standards on environmental site assessments for commercial real estate, 5th ed.
The principal environmental services offered by the company include: environmental site assessments and remediation, risk assessment, waste management, biological services, water resource management, water quality assessment, air quality assessment and strategic environmental management.
These services include environmental site assessments and studies; soil and groundwater remediation; risk assessment; permitting assistance and support assistance in working with governmental authorities.

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