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Enterprise Zone

An area that has special incentives available for those who start companies or other organizations. For example, an enterprise zone may offer tax cuts to small businesses that open inside its jurisdiction. Enterprise zones are a popular way to rejuvenate dilapidated areas or otherwise to promote economic development.

enterprise zone

a small area scheduled by the British authorities for special financial assistance and to encourage industrial expansion. Enterprise Zones were superseded by Tier 1 ASSISTED AREAS in 2000. See REGIONAL POLICY.

enterprise zone

An area with the availability of tax incentives, grant money, or low-cost loans offered by local government in order to assist in revitalization.

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Like President Reagan, George Bush was a supporter of enterprise zones and had expressed this support during his years as vice president and as a candidate for the presidency.
Similarly, the states offer a variety of tax incentives to firms that are located in enterprise zones.
cites several examples to show how the mere creation of enterprise zones may not satisfy the desires or needs of a particular community.
The House Ways and Means Committee held public hearings on the Bush administration's enterprise zone proposal and the Enterprise Zone Improvements Act of 1989 (HR 6), introduced by Congressman Charles B.
Todays figures show that in the 3 months to September last year, Enterprise Zones reported 1,918 jobs a 9% increase on the previous quarter.
Thirty-one companies from the Deeside Enterprise Zone have received a total of PS598,165 in rates support.
In North Wales, 31 companies from the Deeside Enterprise Zone have received a total of PS598,165 in rates support and nine companies in the Anglesey Enterprise Zone have received PS144,000.
Helen Golightly, North East LEP |Chief Operating Officer, said: "We will now be working with the Government to refine the details of the new Enterprise Zone ahead of it being put into statute to go live in April 2017.
We are the first to acknowledge that it is not the GBSLEP or Birmingham City Council that will make the Enterprise Zone work.
Faced with widespread fears among residents that the community was abandoning its rural origins to become an industrial magnet, the City Council agreed to scrap the enterprise zone in the spring of 1995, only nine months after its creation.
Just a few months ago MrMallon was touting the enterprise zones as an important route to new jobs as well as balancing the town's housing stock.

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