enterprise zone

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Enterprise Zone

An area that has special incentives available for those who start companies or other organizations. For example, an enterprise zone may offer tax cuts to small businesses that open inside its jurisdiction. Enterprise zones are a popular way to rejuvenate dilapidated areas or otherwise to promote economic development.

enterprise zone

a small area scheduled by the British authorities for special financial assistance and to encourage industrial expansion. Enterprise Zones were superseded by Tier 1 ASSISTED AREAS in 2000. See REGIONAL POLICY.

enterprise zone

An area with the availability of tax incentives, grant money, or low-cost loans offered by local government in order to assist in revitalization.

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In an enterprise zone, businesses - both existing or new - get a three-year waiver on property taxes on any new construction they undertake if they create new jobs.
All of our Enterprise Zones are in key locations, so whether it's adjacent to a major trunk road like the A19 or A1, or whether it's next to a major cluster of activity, they're all strategically positioned.
Key targets for the eight Enterprise Zones in 2016/17 were all either met or exceeded: | 1,744 jobs were created, safeguarded or assisted ; | PS123.
Over 8,000 new jobs have been reported by Enterprise Zones in the Northern Powerhouse over the past 4 years equivalent to 8 per working day.
Port Talbot Waterfront Enterprise Zone is Wales' eighth enterprise zone.
Oakridge and Westfir officials wrote requests to renew the enterprise zones with Lane County Community & Economic Development staff.
MORE than a quarter of jobs created in enterprise zones since they were launched in 2012 are in the West Midlands.
BUSINESSES in the seven Welsh Enterprise Zones are being invited to bid for more than PS3m in the latest round of a Welsh Government Business Rate scheme.
He added: "Economic growth is this Government's biggest priority and enterprise zones are the engine room of that strategy.
Having these links in place connects companies in the Enterprise Zone not only with the rest of the country, but with Europe and indeed the World.
The low-carbon enterprise zone approved yesterday will see tax relief offered to firms setting up near Nissan in Wearside and at sites along the banks of the River Tyne linked to the offshore wind industry.
If we get an enterprise zone, we won't see a ripping of the heart out of the north of our area.

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