enhanced indexing

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Enhanced indexing

Also called indexing-plus, an indexing strategy whose objective is to exceed or replicate the total return performance of some predetermined index.
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Enhanced Indexing

A portfolio management strategy that mainly tracks a certain index but is designed to perform slightly better than that index. Typically, enhanced indexing involves holding roughly the same securities as the index in roughly the same proportion; however, the portfolio manager often overweights certain stocks or industries if he/she believes them to be undervalued. This process is called tilting. See also: Enhanced index fund.
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enhanced indexing

A technique for making relatively small adjustments to an indexed portfolio in order to increase the return slightly above the return on the index. Employing enhanced indexing, the manager of an indexed portfolio may weight the portfolio slightly toward market sectors the manager feels are underpriced. See also sector neutral index fund.
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A full record for an item in DCI provides standard bibliographic information as well as enhanced indexing, including, where applicable: research area, Web of Science category, taxonomic data, demographics, gene name, geospatial terms, methodology, and time period.
As for the stock portion of portfolios, Cahn uses what he calls "quantitatively enhanced indexing" plus individual stocks -- focusing on high profitability and momentum with low volatility -- all at a reasonable valuation.
In addition to the solutions provided within this issue, we hope you will find that our new Web site--with its enhanced indexing capabilities--makes it easier for you to access our daily updates or find something you read at a previous time that you want to read again.
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Aperio Group LLC, based in Sausalito, California, is a pioneer in applying enhanced indexing techniques to socially responsive portfolios.
Enhanced indexing strategies; utilizing futures and options to achieve higher performance.
has unveiled its enhanced Indexing Retrieval Imaging System (IRIS), a turnkey solution for the cashiering, indexing, document imaging, reporting, and searching of land records, uniform commercial code, vital records (birth, death, marriage), and other documents recorded in the courthouse.
Furthermore, it's interesting to see that at least one third to one half of the indexing winners in those 10- to 15-year returns comes from Enhanced Indexing, which gives somewhat of a "thumbs up" for both passive and active strategies.

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