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1. The payee's signature on the back of a check indicating that the payee has received the check. Banks require that payees endorse checks before they may be cashed or deposited.

2. An amendment to a document, especially an insurance policy. Informally, they are called riders.


An owner's signature that serves to transfer the legal rights to a negotiable certificate to another party.


(also spelled indorsement) Placing one's signature on the back of a check or other negotiable instrument in order to transfer ownership to another.Endorsers warrant payment of the instrument unless they sign with the additional words “without recourse.”

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Were the likelihood of a candidate winning the election and receiving an endorsement to be jointly determined by the candidate's unobserved quality, any information on the candidates or from the campaign that was used to decide the endorsement would already be reflected in the closing price of the previous day.
There are several important limitations on the applicability of the MCS-90 endorsement. The endorsement only applies when three requirements are met:
The American Nurses Association Political Action Committee (ANA-PAC) and its Board of Trustees are tasked with overseeing the presidential endorsement effort.
In the case of a consumer or blogger endorsement, the statement that "company X gave me this product to try" should give readers the information they need.
In a statement provided Thursday by The Family Leader, Vander Plaats sought to tamp down on the speculation, saying the group is "not even close to a unified choice for endorsement."
Despite the generally positive aspects of endorsement, in some cases celebrities cannot substantially help promote products (MISRA; BEATTY, 1990).
"While the new regulation requires a favorable endorsement from APAC and PILA, the Insurance Commission, as the ultimate decision-making authority for approving an adjuster's license, may direct the issuance of the license even without the endorsement if we find that the non-endorsement unjustified," Funa said.
'This leaves no doubt that his endorsement is a tremendous boost to any candidate running in the May 13 midterm elections,' Angara said in a statement.
It also chided those in Ibadan summit for holding such endorsement party the day the legacy of the sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Nigerian Tribune, was being relaunched.
Endorsement from these pretty faces makes a difference due to their beauty and popularity.
The endorsement is available to homeowners who live outside of special flood hazard areas (SFHA), and it protects their homes and personal property.
We contacted prominent papers from communities in the central and southern regions of Illinois in addition to the Chicago metros and asked to reprint portions of their endorsement editorials.