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Transferring asset ownership by signing the back of the asset's certificate.


1. The payee's signature on the back of a check indicating that the payee has received the check. Banks require that payees endorse checks before they may be cashed or deposited.

2. An amendment to a document, especially an insurance policy. Informally, they are called riders.


To sign a negotiable instrument in order to transfer it to another party. For example, investors holding securities must endorse the certificates before delivery to the broker.
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It's a horrible idea for church ministers to endorse candidates from the pulpit because it's so inherently divisive.
But no amount of spin control can obscure the fact that calling for population reduction gives succor to the right wing and endorses a set of noxious policies.
The GOP platform also endorses (albeit in purposely bland and coded language) fresh incursions on the principle of church state separation:
With the PayPal integration, Endorse users can now immediately transfer their cash rewards directly into their PayPal account at any time, with no minimum balance.
Every time that you guys endorse a product it reflects on the revered way of life we all share as skateboarders.
Endorse users earn cash back by buying those products in any store and then uploading an image of their receipt using the app.
The motion to endorse the politically moderate governor was carried by two conservative state legislators.
The chapters found an ally in the ILWU, which broke with the other internationals and forced a debate on a resolution that would have allowed Labor Party chapters to run candidates at the state and local level, and to endorse independent candidates who are supportive of the Labor Party platform.
The roles of unions have changed somewhat from the days of yesteryear, but who they endorse does send an important message,'' said Democratic political consultant Richard Lichtenstein, who is not associated with any of the campaigns.
Voorhies, chancellor of the archdiocese, noted that while the church may not endorse candidates, it may distribute voter guides.
HOUSTON & AUSTIN, Texas -- The Board of Directors of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) has voted unanimously to endorse Discover([R]) Debit, a new signature debit program developed jointly by PULSE EFT Association LP and Discover([R]) Network, a division of Discover Financial Services LLC.