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Transferring asset ownership by signing the back of the asset's certificate.


1. The payee's signature on the back of a check indicating that the payee has received the check. Banks require that payees endorse checks before they may be cashed or deposited.

2. An amendment to a document, especially an insurance policy. Informally, they are called riders.


To sign a negotiable instrument in order to transfer it to another party. For example, investors holding securities must endorse the certificates before delivery to the broker.
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The Road Safety Act 2006 was given Royal Ascent in November 2006 and made using a phone endorsable.
Managing director of Admiral, Jane stone, said: "The government is planning to make driving while using a mobile phone endorsable sometime soon.
If you were convicted of an endorsable motoring offence, the court has discretion to order disqualification from driving until a test is passed.
It is two years to the day since chatting or texting while driving became an endorsable offence.
Parking on or within the zig-zag markings is an endorsable offence which carries three points on your licence.
In the six months since February 27, when the fine doubled from pounds 30 and the offence became endorsable, 1,027 drivers have been issued with FPNs.
But a new tough law came into force on February 27 which will mean those using a mobile while driving are committing an endorsable offence and will get a pounds 60 fine and three penalty points on their licence.
The Government also plans to legislate to make it an endorsable offence, so drivers will get three points on their licence each time they are caught holding a mobile phone.
The charge relates to an incident that took place in 2005 when he is accused of persuading a man named Maurice Ward to accept responsibility for an endorsable road traffic offence.
You now have 28 days to return your licence to either a court or the DVLA, where an endorsable motoring offence is committed.
Ten drivers were given fixed penalty notices and one an endorsable fixed penalty notice, meaning three penalty points and a fine.