endogenous variable

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Endogenous variable

A value determined within the context of a model. Related: Exogenous variable.

Endogenous Variable

A variable with a value determined by the equation in which it exists. See also: Dependent Variable.

endogenous variable

a VARIABLE in an ECONOMIC MODEL that both affects and is itself affected by the relationship depicted in the model. For example, in the EQUILIBRIUM LEVEL OF NATIONAL INCOME model, an increase in consumption spending increases aggregate demand and raises the level of national income. By the same token, an increase in the level of national income (which results, say, from an increase in investment) will induce an increase in consumption spending. Compare EXOGENOUS VARIABLE.
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6 for Windows to calculate the multiple regressions for each of the endogenous variables in the original, target path model reported in Figure 1.
The survey questionnaire, the Adult Student Experiences Survey, collected data regarding 12 endogenous variables and 13 exogenous variables pertaining to student background.
Exhibit 5 presents the effects of the exogenous variables on the endogenous variables (gamma paths) for the final model.
Thus, we re-examine the substitution hypothesis regarding the extent of hedging and smoothing with abnormal accruals in a single industry setting where our endogenous variables are likely less subject to measurement error.
Simultaneous equations are a class of techniques designed to handle models that include endogenous variables on both sides of an equation.
The econometric approach treats both nutrition knowledge and label use as endogenous variables when estimating the model for food label use.
In his analysis of the results pertaining to contract duration, Murphy notes that of these endogenous variables, wage change has a small but statistically significant negative impact on contract duration and on that of the exogenous variables not related to uncertainty; regional and industry-specific standards have the strongest influence.
The endogenous variables in our 2SLS specifications are Negative Ad Comment and Positive Ad Comment, which indicate whether someone said s/he recalled seeing one of these types of political ads from the presidential campaigns.
Problems with Instrumental Variable Estimation When the Correlation Between Instruments and the Endogenous Variables is Weak.
The endogenous variables are conviction rates for "summary" and "indictable" offneses.
These authors suggested that rather than using endogenous variables (e.
Because both equations contain endogenous variables on the right hand side, the use of OLS would yield biased and inconsistent coefficients (Johnston, 1962).