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The coding of sensitive information for transfer online or otherwise electronically. One may encrypt data to prevent anyone other than the intended recipient from accessing it. For example, if one buys a product online and enters credit card information into an electronic form, that information is usually encrypted so hackers and potential identity thieves cannot use it for illicit purposes.
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The manipulation of data to prevent accurate interpretation by all but those for whom the data is intended. Financial institutions use encryption to increase the security of data transmitted via the Internet.
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Pre5 (P, T, K): A Prefix cipher encrypting all five digit decimal values using key K, and an arbitrary tweak value T
The significative speech spectrograms are completely changed after encrypting by the proposed scheme, which indicates that no residual intelligibility of encrypted speeches can be used.
Encrypting entire partitions is a security countermeasure for physical attacks, where the entire computer is stolen.
Encrypting hard disks on the other hand, contain their own encryption chip.
If which files or file types contain confidential in formation is not clear, encrypting everything using a FDE product may be safer.
SEL-3022 wireless encrypting transceivers are said to address those concerns by supplementing standard wireless communication security protocols (i.e., WEP) with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved 128-bit AES encryption and HMAC SHA-1 message authentication algorithms.
Such high profile losses of customer data are not just damaging to corporate reputations, but could easily have been avoided by encrypting stored information - something that has been technologically possible for some time already.
PGP Corp has upgraded PGP Universal, a system that simplifies the process of encrypting enterprise email and attachments, by adding support for Lotus Notes and opening ties to Symantec Corp's anti-virus software.
The SSH Secure Shell 3.0 product provides transparent, strong security over any IP-based connection for both client and server applications by authenticating and encrypting terminal connections and file transfers over the Internet.
Encrypting datafiles is the best way of protecting them from prying eyes and by using encryption there is no longer the same necessity to use an access control program.
If not, encrypting stored fries allows for compartmentalization of data within the organization.
Protecting sensitive information--whether a credit card number, a password, or other data--requires encrypting the message so that no eavesdropper or thief can read the contents in transit.

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