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Don continued: “This public/private partnership creates the way forward in connecting law enforcement, associated agencies, preventative groups and the business community thereby enabling authority to share fast time, accurate and authoritative information when needed.
Questions will also be raised about the impact on local democracy of a council becoming an enabling authority, however interesting a concept it may be.
Coun Bore is more intent on carrying on his blinkered plan to make Birmingham City Council an enabling authority rather than saving money by using the existing workforce.
If municipalities emphasize governance, if they accept the concept of an enabling authority rather than a self-sufficient one, it must follow that they will recognize the need to get things done through others.
We've been an enabling authority and done a lot to invest in small businesses, but it isn't easy.
At one extreme is the position taken by Nicholas Ridley (then Secretary of State for the Environment) in which the task of the enabling authority was to find a range of other organisations to provide services and carry out its responsibilities.

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