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They import emission permits from a trader in another EU country without paying VAT and then resell them, adding VAT to the price.
By comparison, emission permits in California and Quebec are trading at about $13 a ton.
His topics include China's energy and environmental problems and policies, the optimal path for carbon dioxide emission to control global warming, stochastic models to study the effect of climate change, macroeconomic models to explain pollution and environmental protection, the use of emission permits, and clean energy and international efforts to solve environmental problems.
The document said China would step up efforts to create market mechanisms to reduce pollution, with the aim of establishing nationwide platforms that would allow enterprises to trade energy consumption and emission permits.
Committee chairman Adamos Adamou said, according to the bill, that every business or industry applying for emission permits must first have acquired town planning and building permits, as well as an environmental impact study.
Fertilizer company CF Industries Holdings Inc (NYSE:CF) announced on Tuesday the receipt of final air emission permits with respect to its urea expansion projects in Louisiana & Iowa.
A platform allowing businesses in the southern city of Shenzhen to trade carbon emission permits among each other held an official launch ceremony and has completed several trades, a spokeswoman for the city's foreign affairs office who did not provide her name told AFP.
Deeply divided on funding for poor countries and the fate of unused carbon emission permits, the participants of the Doha conference failed to yield a global climate pact to curb emissions of greenhouse gases.
The European Commission is currently trying to get member state approval to remove temporarily several hundred million emission permits, or EU allowances (EUAs), with a view to canceling these permanently.
Airlines will need to acquire emission permits for their flights' CO2 emissions.
Draft legislation to bar US airlines from trading in ETS emission permits remains pending on Capitol Hill.
Air France-KLM plans to buy emission permits throughout the year, said a company spokesman, estimating its ETS compliance costs of between 50 million to 100 million euros in 2012.