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In conjunction, Vitatech Electromagnetics, a third-party EMF company, confirms High Tech's backrest heater has a maximum electric field that is 91% lower than Vitatech's recommended human health maximum exposure and a maximum magnetic field that is 72% lower than Vitatech's recommended maximum exposure.
Three-phase transformers of the S G have a symmetrical design theoretically excluding the creation of the EMF [8].
Moreover, Manas listed down the top 8 EMF radiation sources that can be found inside homes.
The close proximity of mobile phones to users' head further increases the risk of absorption of EMF radiations.
At vertical column EMF exposed point investigated (Table 2), no significant variation was observed in the E.
This study also confirms that the human body absorbs, detects and responds to ELF environmental EMF signals.
As a result of the firm's takeover, EMF now has two centres of manufacturing excellence.
Exposure to EMF was studied in poultry at pre-incubation (Shams Lahijani and Sajadi, 2004), during-incubation (Ingole and Ghosh, 2006; Batellier et al.
The EMF and European Central Bank are to the blame for allowing the fudges to go unpunished.