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Roman claims Morales and the three board members, Miqueas Santana, Carmen Montalvo and Sandra Roman, "conspired to embezzle funds from Borinquen and cause the bank's collapse.
The investigation unveiled that the suspects had unlawfully accessed the e-system and cancelled the transactions to embezzle the fees," he said.
Dubai: A vendor has been accused of attempting to swindle a bank and embezzle Dh1 million using someone else's Emirates ID and forging a signature on a money transfer form.
An auditor said during the investigation that their report concluded that the accused used to pay the clearance bills at the Dubai Customs and then fake new electronic bills and receipts featuring higher figures to embezzle the difference.
and his accomplice, A.A., 24, took advantage of the glitch to embezzle a part of the revenues.
Dubai: A visitor and a clerk have been accused of forging an Emirates ID card that they used to embezzle around Dh1 million in cash and credit cards from a local bank.