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electronic mail (e-mail)

a form of COMMUNICATION which involves sending COMPUTER-originated messages and information across a telecommunications network. E-mail usage is expanding rapidly, partly reflected in the introduction of new facilities which provide an integrated approach to sending messages to any combination of fax, telex and electronic mail addresses. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, NETWORKING.
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A fair system would ensure actual sources are ascribed for undesired email. Unfortunately, some consider authorizations derived from email addresses as a good-enough means to identify the message source, which is simply wrong and unfair.
When publishing an SSP record, an email address domain owner wishing to use various providers or services would need to publish an open-ended authorization.
Placing the burden of reputation upon the email address domain owner benefits the administrator, as expensive complaints are directed elsewhere.
Most recipients are likely using an email application that displays the pretty-name rather than the actual email address.