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Amidst the showcase of numerous elephant structure, a special 'Nirav Modi Elephant' is grabbing eyeballs.
Phyo Thu Aung, an elephant veterinarian from a logging firm in nearby Tharrawaddy Township, said he was involved in efforts to shoo away the pachyderm.
Some areas of Africa took measures to preserve the elephant population, while other areas reduce elephant numbers with controlled hunts and other methods.
An Asian elephant expert, Jayantha Jayewardene said the decision was "ill thought out and totally irresponsible" and accused the government of selling animals to raise revenue.
The book ends with the third section, "After the War Elephant," whose single chapter, "Drawing the Balance, Looking Ahead," presents a fairly bleak picture of the fate of elephants after kingship as an institution disappeared in the modern era.
Dr Yaduraj Khadpekar, Senior Veterinary Officer and officer in charge of the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura said "Many aspects of veterinary care in elephants are often overlooked or neglected, and can become fatal to the overall long-term health of the elephants.
When patient A's zoo work history was revealed in October 2013, well into the contact investigation for elephant A, the Oregon Health Authority reviewed the genotypes of the isolates of patient A and elephant A, and found that they differed by only one locus in the 24-locus mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units (MIRU) pattern (Figure 2).
Time will tell, but at this writing elephant hunting is open in Cameroon, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.
He said the atmosphere is very festive with the event starting off with a formal elephant blessing ceremony.
Greg Baxter says a longer term solution is not to regard the Lao elephant population in isolation, but to allow them to breed with elephants from other parts of the range of the Asian elephant family, from other Asian countries who face dwindling numbers.
Alex Jones, who collaborated with designer Mercy Delta to create her 'Spirit' design, said: "The Elephant Parade is a vibrant and creative public art initiative that is in aid of such a good cause and is also accessible to so many people across the UK.
Maintain elephant habitats and restore their connectivity;