electronic mail

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electronic mail (e-mail)

a form of COMMUNICATION which involves sending COMPUTER-originated messages and information across a telecommunications network. E-mail usage is expanding rapidly, partly reflected in the introduction of new facilities which provide an integrated approach to sending messages to any combination of fax, telex and electronic mail addresses. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, NETWORKING.
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With the issuance of the final rule for electronic mail systems in August 1995, the PROFS case drew to a close.
The utility of electronic mail as a medium for patient-physician communication.
The problem: global electronic mail doesn't always work.
Electronic mail will become an important platform for building applications.
Users also have legitimate concerns about security and privacy, especially when they use electronic mail to handle matters that ought to remain confidential, such as ratings and evaluations of research proposals.
Related to electronic mail is electronic teleconferencing.
At some point, database software that is either proprietary or publicly available will be used by a records management application, an EDMS, an electronic mail system or another computer application to store an electronic record and the associated index files.
Before we began using electronic mail, sending out invitations to our conferences was something of a lottery," says Martha McDevitt, conference coordinator for Transnationals Information Exchange (TIE).
Normally, in an electronic mail system, the sending computer opens a connection to another computer to which it wants to deliver a piece of mail, or message.
Electronic mail is the means by which computers of all types and sizes send and receive messages, and it enables a wide range of information to be transmitted instantaneously.

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