electronic mail

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electronic mail (e-mail)

a form of COMMUNICATION which involves sending COMPUTER-originated messages and information across a telecommunications network. E-mail usage is expanding rapidly, partly reflected in the introduction of new facilities which provide an integrated approach to sending messages to any combination of fax, telex and electronic mail addresses. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, NETWORKING.
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The general view with regard to the speed of electronic mail transmission is that it is non-instantaneous.
Another prominent portion of the electronic mail literature pertains to organizational gratifications (OO) obtained, which refer to the use of electronic mail to receive pertinent information about one's position within organizational social networks (i.e., work, school, and government).
Using electronic mail for data collection in organizational research.
In addition, under the SPAM Act, it would be "unlawful for any person to initiate the transmission of commercial electronic mail ...
While DO-IT encourages one-to-one communication between proteges and mentors via electronic mail, it also facilitates communication in small groups through the use of electronic discussion lists.
A survey of eight Asian countries (Asiaweek, 21 July 2000) revealed the following patterns of Internet usage: Electronic mail 59 per cent News/current affairs 43 per cent Company information 43 per cent Technical queries/software downloads 33 per cent Financial information/data 26 per cent
While the region is in the midst of a strategic plan and labour market review, Nychuk is out front promoting the area to a specifically targeted list of about 500 international companies with a direct "snail mail" and electronic mail campaign of "teaser" flyers.
Algorithms are at the heart of computerized encryption systems, which can be used to encode all kinds of digital information, from electronic mail to the secret personal identification numbers used to access automated bank teller machines.
It includes 34 checklists focusing on issues relating to technology, including handling electronic mail evidence, computer forensics, video depositions, and authenticating computer evidence.
ELECTRONIC mail is set to give the post office a licking over Christmas cards.
In 1994, librarians began using electronic mail to provide reference assistance that focused on specific cases assigned to groups of medical students.
One can readily envision situations in which seniors gather around their personal computers, "visiting" countries and places that at one time were only dreams, communicating with their children and other loved ones via electronic mail, as well as with universities and other senior centers, and taking Internet-based courses.

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