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During the entire experiment, the brain activity, heart rate, and the electrodermal response have been recorded.
If an anomalous effect is moderated by the degree of paranormal belief, participants with a stronger belief Were expected to show increased electrodermal response amplitudes, a stronger increase in heart rate, and a higher hit rate for targets compared with nontargets.
Electrodermal responses are dependent on the sympathetic nervous system (Boucsein, 1992).
However, an electrodermal response to complete stimulus omission is reported in 43-80 per cent of participants (Barry, 1984; Barry & O'Gorman, 1987; O'Gorman, 1989; O'Gorman & Lloyd, 1984; Siddle & Heron, 1976).
The presence of a coevolution of electrodermal responses has been associated with the quality of social interactions [48].
We expected the response differences to be qualitatively similar to the typical response differences in the GKT, consisting of higher electrodermal response amplitudes, suppressed respiration, decelerated heart rate, and lower pulse amplitudes to probe than to irrelevant items (Garner et al., 2006).
No evidence of classical conditioning of electrodermal responses during anaesthesia.
Human electrodermal response to remote human monitoring: Classification and analysis of response characteristics.
The peak of the first electrodermal response (EDR) after each stimulus onset was chosen for evaluation, and its latency, rise time (rise t.), amplitude, hall recovery time (rec.
For pre-testing TV commercials, we think that SSPT brain-image research will be more informative and precise than EEG research (Rothschild and Hyun, 1990), modern electrodermal response (EDR) research (LaBarbera and Tucciarone, 1995), and electromyographic response (EMG) research (Hazlett and Hazlett, 1999).