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Elasticity of Demand

The relative stability of a security's or product's price in the face of increased or decreased demand. Elastic securities or products have prices that move as independently as possible from changes in demand. In securities, elasticity is strongly influenced by the number of shares outstanding; if a company has many shares outstanding, a large order to buy or sell them is less likely to affect the price as strongly as a similar order for a company with comparatively few shares outstanding. In other products, elasticity largely comes from whether a given product is considered a necessity or a luxury. A "necessary" product is likely to be more elastic. See also: Income Elasticity of Demand.


Of or relating to the demand for a good or service when the quantity purchased varies significantly in response to price changes in the good or service. For example, the demand for a product with many close substitutes is elastic because a small price rise will cause consumers to switch to competing brands. Compare inelastic.


adj. relatively responsive to change.


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Therefore, the session RPE method of quantifying resistance training using the Thera-Band resistance exercise scale was shown to be a reliable measurement tool across two different elastic band training sessions when the same training intensity was applied, as was also shown by Buckley et al.
He said: "She is a very active member of the school community and when she approached me to ask for permission to hold this awareness event, I was delighted to support her - and will be 'pinging' my elastic band along with everyone else.
The Menzel Polyband Expander consists of an extruded aluminum alloy core with 30 equally-spaced elastic bands.
Try the Belly Belt, an elastic band and cloth panel that you can attach to your regular pants or skirt, allowing you to continue wearing your pre-pregnancy wardrobe until you're ready for maternity outfits.
A soft elastic band hooks around the middle toe to keep the pad in place.
The Sweats are a simple cloth bag with an elastic band to keep them in place.
They include downhill running, wind-assisted running, using an elastic band to pull the athlete forward, etc.
Contract awarded for code igss 6,310 elastic band 4 "x 5 yds, cotton or polyester, filament latex metallic fixing hooks, no individual packaging, barren
After Kate was seen wearing one on the Royal tour Down Under, sales rocketed by 300% and there is unlikely to be a single house with primary school age children that doesn't have bits of elastic band scattered in every nook and cranny.
This is created by pulling most of your hair through an elastic band, creating a big loop and letting it hang quite low before you fasten the ends with another elastic band.
But as my mother used to say "he must think he has an elastic band on his cash".
Royal Mail would not give a clear explanation for the huge rise in elastic band spending.