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The right to leave an area. Denial of egress may lead to conviction for false imprisonment or a similar crime.
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An exit.

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Furthermore, Ptx causes leukocytosis in humans by inhibiting egression of leukocytes from the vasculature, and high levels of leukocytosis are associated with an increased mortality rate in infants due to pulmonary hypertension (29).
"The Last Pope: Egression" is a science fiction novel taking an interesting approach to science fiction--what will become of the Catholic Church?
Were Whitehead to take this approach, "the egression of natures, characters, or universals" would be understood as resulting from "the necessity of generalization from immediate occasions that exists in order to direct their further movement and its consequences." (3) Eternal objects--that is, possibilities "which are 'eternal' in the sense of not being spatio-temporal existences"--would "emerge because of the existence of problematic situations," as "suggestions" which could then be "operatively applied to actual existences" in an attempt to resolve those problems.
A set of independent variables is weighted to develop the r egression equation o r model to explain its relative contribution towards one dependent variable.