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Lake suggested a simple solution: "presenting ego strength as personal and social competence" (p.
Keywords: MMPI-2; Ego Strength Scale; University students.
With regard to increasing ego strength, both the hypnotic training group and the biofeedback training group proved to be significant.
Through a review of the empirical literature and Eriksonian theory, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that: (a) socially supportive contexts (particularly the school environment) promote the successful resolution of the identity crisis (identity achievement); (b) identity achievement within a positive social context is significant because it brings to ascendance the ego strength of fidelity and gives new importance to the other seven ego virtues (particularly purpose and will); and (c) ego virtues produce positive outcomes for adolescents (such as school success).
2], affordability, attitude towards piracy, perceived behavioural control, ego strength and personal normative beliefs influence piracy intention, moderated by perceived importance, organisational ethical climate and scenario.
The instrument measures 14 personality factors namely Warmth, Intelligence, Ego Strength, Dominance, Emotional Stability, Enthusiasm, Super Ego Strength, Boldness, Tough Mindedness, Individualism, Shrewdness, Self-Confidence, Self-Concept-Control, and Tension Level.
Ego Strength and psychosocial adaptation to cancer.
Ocnophilia involves clinging to the object for security--holding onto it for dear emotional life--while philobatism allows an independence from it, the ego strength to be "completely on one's own, with hands empty" (p.