efficient customer response

efficient customer response (ECR)

a system used by RETAILERS for planning product ranges, continuous replenishment of inventory, new product introduction and product promotion.
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The new initiative will also contribute to improvements through adoption of the latest Efficient Customer Response (ECR) techniques.
Along with faster, more efficient customer response, VisNetic MailFlow can help enable management to analyze inbound e-mail and gain important insights into the flow of internal and external communications.
Setting up an e-mail option on a Web page could backfire if you're not prepared to provide efficient customer response. Volvo's USA headquarters was one of the first to provide e-mail access on its Web site.
Quality certification programs are gaining favor, with 27.2% seeking or receiving ISO-9000 certification and 32.9% implementing HACCP (Hazards Analysis, Critical Control Points) programs, The 31.6% rate for quality management programs like ECR (Efficient Customer Response) and TQM (Total Quality Management) is in the same ball park as a year ago - and, again, a low response from the Pacific Rim drags down the overall total.
The theme of "Efficient customer response" is examined by Rick Derr, who is in charge of Software Development at the Marketing Information Services Department of Dun & Bradstreet.
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