effective sale

Effective sale

A sale based on the most recent round-lot price, which determines the price of the next odd lot. The difference created between the last round-lot price and the odd-lot price is referred to as the odd-lot differential.
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Effective Sale

The sale of a round lot (100 shares) of a security that determines the price of an odd lot trade. Thus, the effective sale is the first trade that takes place after a specialist receives an odd lot order.
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effective sale

The trade that determines the price for an odd-lot order. For odd-lot market orders, the effective sale is the first trade following the specialist's receipt of the odd-lot order. For an odd-lot limit order, the effective sale is the trade that permits an odd-lot differential. See also electing sale.
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Oil Search says if IPIC chooses to exchange the bond for shares, PNG will realise an effective sale price of $Aus8.55 a share.
The effective sale price is nowhere near the pounds 1billion valuation Mirror Sport exclusively revealed was put on the Anfield club by Hicks in November.
However, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister, Vladimir Bugak, damped celebrations on January 8 by indicating that the Government will only sell 2.5% of its shares in Gazprom when the financial state of the markets is deemed sufficiently robust, intimating that the effective sale may be delayed until the Summer.
The effective sale price is nowhere near the ambitious pounds 1billion valuation Mirror Sport exclusively revealed was put on the club by Hicks in November.
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